Glowing Skin for Valentine’s Day! Leesburg, VA

? Nothing says “I love you” like the gift of radiant skin.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, we’ve got a gift idea that’s better than chocolates or roses. It’s a gift that keeps on giving long after Valentine’s Day, and leaves you with positively luminous skin.

Did you guess a skin renewing treatment at AVIE! Medspa? Nothing says “I love you” like the gift of radiant skin. The hardest part is deciding which treatment to get, which is where our expertise (and gift cards) come in handy. At AVIE!, we are passionate about skin care, and we offer a leading selection of treatments to meet your every concern, from decreasing large pore size and clearing breakouts to diminishing wrinkles and dullness. Here are a few revitalizing treatments to consider:

This non-invasive treatment penetrates stimulating energy deep below the skin to diminish age spots, freckles, pore size, dullness, and more with no downtime. For a healthy glow year-round, many of our clients opt for seasonal photofacials to keep sun damage at bay and trigger new collagen production for long-lasting, younger-looking skin.

•Laser Skin Resurfacing
Halo and ProFractional™ laser skin renewal are two amazing skin treatments that work by stimulating your skin’s natural healing response. These treatments safely penetrate skin to ultimately reveal tighter, brighter, younger-looking skin with diminished wrinkles, pore size, age spots, and much more.

•Microneedling and PRP
These two treatments are amazing on their own but provide outstanding benefits to the skin when combined. Microneedling creates tiny holes in the skin with micro-needles, stimulating your skin’s natural healing response to reveal age-defying benefits, including tighter, more evenly toned skin. PRP (platelet-rich plasma) is a concentrated portion of your very own blood containing growth factors, which have potent healing properties to reveal younger-looking skin. Microneedling essentially primes your skin to soak up every last drop of PRP, and bolsters your skin’s natural healing process.

It’s worth mentioning that this time of year is ideal for skin renewal. Results-driven skin care leaves skin vulnerable and in need of constant sun protection, which is much easier to do when you’re inside more often and covered under layers of clothing.

At AVIE!, our goal is to arm you with the facts so you can be smart about your skin. We’ll partner with you to select the optimal brands for your unique needs, and we’ll help you every step of the way to ensure that proper application and benefits are achieved.

We can’t wait to help you find your optimal selection of skin treatments! For more information, call 703.870.3844 or click here to request a free consultation today.

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