Hair to Stay! PRFM Hair Restoration in Leesburg, VA

One of the most exciting cosmetic advancements for men and women is PRFM hair restoration.It is certainly an exciting time for men in the cosmetic world. Not only are men more comfortable seeking aesthetic treatments, but they are also benefiting from an unprecedented selection of leading services. One of the most exciting cosmetic advancements for men and women is PRFM hair restoration. PRFM stands for platelet-rich fibrin matrix, the purest form of platelet-rich plasma (PRP), a part of your blood that is rich in growth factors, which spur healing and new cell growth. Fibrin matrix is a special protective barrier and support structure that helps to ensure optimal penetration and results.

At AVIE!, we use PRFM to revitalize both the skin and hair for men and women. Though it sounds complicated, PRFM hair restoration is an in-office treatment that only takes minutes to administer. Basically, PRFM involves drawing your blood and then injecting it into targeted areas of the scalp. The science behind PRFM is clinically proven and backed by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). PRFM contains potent growth factors which trigger skin cells or hair follicles to grow. It’s surprisingly simple!

Because we customize every treatment to meet your unique needs and goals, every PRFM treatment is truly one-of-kind—as unique as you! I am so committed to achieving your goals, I won’t rest until you’re satisfied with your results. To learn more and discover if PRFM hair restoration is for you, call 703.870.3844 or click here today to schedule a consultation.

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