Natural Beauty with Mega Age-Defying Benefits Leesburg, VA

One of the biggest cosmetic trends of 2018 is natural beauty, making organic ingredients and all-natural, eco-friendly formulas all the rage. I couldn’t be more pleased! As a master aesthetician, I’ve long supported treatments that not only afford natural-looking beauty but also use the most natural of all ingredients—your own body—to bring out your best. Here are the highlights of our most popular natural treatments at AVIE! We can’t wait for you to enjoy the benefits for yourself!

PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma)
PRP harnesses the healing power of your own body to reveal age-defying benefits to your complexion. PRP is a concentrated portion of your blood, which we draw and prepare in a matter of minutes in the comfort of our office. PRP is chock-full of potent healing agents that rejuvenate your skin at a cellular level. PRP can either be injected or applied topically to the face in conjunction with microneedling to help maximize absorption and reveal optimal benefits.

Considered the facelift and necklift alternative, Ultherapy® is a non-invasive treatment that targets potent ultrasound energy deep within your skin and muscles to stimulate your body’s natural healing response, spurring new collagen and elastin growth. In the weeks and months following treatment, Ultherapy reveals tighter, firmer skin on the face and neck.

This treatment does exactly what its name implies, utilizing micro needles to create tiny treatment channels in the skin and trigger your skin’s natural healing response. As new collagen grows and fills in these tiny holes, a bevy of improvements are revealed, including diminished acne scarring, smoother skin, brightness, smaller pores, reduced fine lines, tighter skin, and much more.

Not all light is created equal. You should avoid the sun, for example, but wholeheartedly embrace the revitalizing light of photofacials! We offer the most effective photofacial on the market—the BBL™ (broadband light) photofacial. BBL photofacials can reverse years of sun damage, reverse pigmentation irregularities, dry up pimples, reduce pore size, enhance vibrance, and more with no downtime. We recommend incorporating photofacials into your seasonal skin care regimen.

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