HD Brows with Micro Blading

Semi-permanent makeup for natural-looking, enhanced eyebrows!

Micro Blading is a non-invasive, semi-permanent treatment to enhance the eyebrows for a bolder but natural look in Leesburg, VA. Originating in Japan as eyebrow embroidery, Micro Blading uses fine needles arranged into one blade to pigment the skin with strokes as fine as a strand of hair, enhancing the appearance of the brows. We call this amazing treatment “HD Brows” because the results look just like real eyebrows!

Micro Blading at AVIE! is a great option for those who have over plucked their eyebrows or have naturally thin or misshapen eyebrows. Micro Blading can be used on all skin types and is safe to use for those suffering from hair loss conditions such as hypothyroidism and alopecia, as well as those who experience hair loss due to cancer treatments. This treatment creates a natural feathered look, rather than the harsh results that people can experience from tattooing their eyebrows. Micro Blading requires a touch up four to six weeks following the initial treatment with results lasting up to two years!

Before and After photos

Frequently Asked Questions: Micro Blading

When can I see results from my Leesburg Micro Blading treatment?
Clients can see results immediately.

Is there pain associated with Micro Blading?
The area is numbed before treatment, so there is no pain associated with Micro Blading.

Is there any downtime associated with Micro Blading?
Micro Blading may cause minimal bruising as well as minimal swelling that subsides within 72 hours, so a few days of social downtime may be required.

What is the average cost of a Micro Blading treatment at AVIE! Medspa?
The cost of Micro Blading treatments varies depending on the client being treated. Contact AVIE! Medspa for a Micro Blading consultation.

How can I get started with Micro Blading at AVIE! Medspa and Laser Center?
For more information about Micro Blading or to schedule your consultation contact AVIE! Medspa and Laser Center at (703) 870-3844.

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