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At AVIE! Med Spa and Laser Center in Leesburg, VA, we take great pride in building lasting relationships with our clients.

But hey- don’t just take our word for it…read the testimonials below to see what our clients are saying about us.

I had been unhappy with my body shape for many years. Over the past few years I basically gave up on being able to do anything about my mid abdominal “tire”. Many times I looked in the mirror and tried to accept that it was the body of a woman who’s had 5 kids. My main concern was being unable to meet the needs of my family if I chose to have traditional lipo. But when I found out about ProLipo and the relative convenience and limited down time, I was sold!

I met with Dr. Vasquez at Avie at an open house and I was able to ask questions regarding the procedure. I did have a little anxiety leading up to the actual procedure, but Dr. Vasquez and Kim Marinetto explained each step before and even during the procedure. I was able to undergo the procedure with very little medication which made me very happy.

I am writing this testimonial 2 days following my procedure. I was able to return to work immediately and the after school craziness a family of 7 can have. I will miss out on a couple of weeks of Tae Kwon Do and dance classes, but my new silouette will be a beautiful trade off!


The professionalism of Kim and her staff –coupled with the beauty of spa itself– make for a truly enjoyable medspa experience. Kim is extremely gentle and takes her time. Her treatments are fabulous and the results are noticeable!


From the moment you enter the doors of Kim’s new MedSpa, you are enticed with all your senses. The beautiful decor is trendy and soft with hues of blues and browns. There is modern artwork and glitzy lighting. The fresh smells of the skincare lines used on their clients permeates the room. The rooms are dim and inviting with some of the most comfortable and plush treatment beds. What sets it apart from all the rest though, is the attention you get and the knowledge that comes with having a person really KNOW what is best for your skin. Kim is genuinely interested in making you look the best you can – all in a supervised and safe way with a medical background of over 20 years. I walked out of there really feeling great about myself and eager to return. I would recommend her over and over…and I HAVE!


I went in for my first visit to Avie this week and I am thrilled with my entire experience.  The office is beautiful and the staff couldn’t have been nicer.  I had a skincare consultation with Adan who was very helpful in recommending some treatments and products for my skin.  I also had some Botox and Restylane by the nurse and owner Kim and she was absolutely fantastic!  I am so happy with how the visit went and would definitely recommend to any of my friends or family.


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