The Best Medspa Treatments for Winter Leesburg, VA

We can perform any treatment on our menu at any time of the year. We can perform any treatment on our menu at any time of the year. Even so, certain seasons lend themselves to particular services. Here’s a breakdown of cosmetic treatments that are well-suited for the winter, and why our clients love them!

This chin fat zapper can tame a double chin without surgery, but one of the major side effects is swelling. This is a sign the treatment is working, so if you’re swelling, it’s a good thing! Unfortunately, no one wants to walk around with a swollen chin. That’s why we love performing Kybella in the cooler months, when it’s easy to cover your neck with a turtleneck or scarf.

Laser Skin Rejuvenation
Any laser treatment can be performed year-round, but laser skin renewal seems made for the winter months because it’s easier to protect skin from the sun in colder weather. Keeping out of the sun before and after laser treatments helps you fend off negative side effects and ensure the best possible and longest-lasting results. You tend to spend more time indoors and bundled up under clothing during the winter, which makes sun avoidance a cinch.

Laser Hair Removal
You simply cannot have tanned skin for laser hair removal. Any tan will interfere with the effectiveness of the treatment and increase your chances for adverse side effects. Whether your tan is from the sun or a bottle, any color is bad for your laser treatment. This is why wintertime makes perfect sense for treatments because it’s much easier to let your skin go natural when it is covered up under clothing. Plus, laser hair removal usually takes a series of treatments before revealing optimal results. Doing your treatments now will give you plenty of time to get the smooth look you crave in time for summer.

We feel privileged to be your partner in aesthetic and wellness treatments all year long! To learn more about the best treatments for you, please call 703.870.3844</a or ror request your personal consultation today.

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