The Best Microneedling Is Here! Leesburg, VA

I started AVIE! MedSpa with the primary purpose of providing the most effective treatments and specialized care. I’m absolutely thrilled to report that AVIE! has upheld its commitment to quality by offering the highest standard of microneedling available.

Did you know that we perform microtherapy utilizing the most trusted and researched microneedling device on the market? SkinPen® Precision is the only FDA-cleared microneedling device in the United States. A recent study comparing microneedling cartridges found the sterile, straight, and precise needles of SkinPen to be highest in quality.

In case you haven’t heard about microneedling, here’s a refresher on the many benefits of this popular skin rejuvenation treatment:

Microneedling is aptly named because it literally utilizes micro needles to create tiny holes in the skin and trigger the skin’s natural healing response. These micro holes gradually fill with new collagen to reveal a bevy of complexion benefits, including:
•Reduced acne scarring
•Smoother skin texture
•More even skin tone
•Tighter pores
•Diminished fine lines
•Improved elasticity

Are you ready to “micro”-manage your skin for mega benefits this spring and beyond? Call 703.870.3844 or click here to schedule your consultation today!

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