Top Questions about Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting Leesburg, VA

We recently expanded our aesthetic services to include expert eyelash and eyebrow tinting! Have you heard? We recently expanded our aesthetic services to include expert eyelash and eyebrow tinting! This well-known treatment is an easy way to enhance your eyes and add drama without breaking the bank, and it pairs perfectly with other medspa treatments for your convenience.

Eyelash and brow tinting is successfully performed thousands of times each day throughout the world. Still, many people remain concerned about the safety of these treatments. To put your mind at ease, here’s a closer look at some of your most common questions, answered by industry experts.

Is eyelash/brow tinting dangerous?
No! I wouldn’t offer this cosmetic treatment if it posed a risk to your safety! Eyelash tinting is considered safe and poses little risk as long as it is performed by a trained professional. Every aesthetician at AVIE!, including myself, is trained to adhere to the highest standards of safety, so you can rest easy knowing you will receive the highest level of care for long-lasting, gorgeous results.

What kind of dye do you use?
We use a gentle, vegetable-based dye to enhance the color of your eyelashes or brows. This semi-permanent stain will provide natural-looking enhancement for weeks at a time.

Can the dye get into my eye?
We will take every precaution, including applying cotton pads under your eyes, to prevent any dye from entering your eyes.

What if I hate it?
The results are so natural looking, we highly doubt you’ll dislike them! Our expert aestheticians are the best in the industry and understand every nuance of the application process to ensure your results are nothing short of spectacular.

How can I get started with eyelash and eyebrow tinting?
Schedule your eyelash and eyebrow tinting session today and save time from your morning cosmetic routine! Call 703.870.3844 or click here to schedule a free consultation.

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