Yes, There IS a Laser Resurfacing Treatment with Less Downtime! Halo in Leesburg, VA

If you’re shopping for a laser skin resurfacing treatment because you’ve heard about the amazing benefits, way to go! It means you’re one step closer to doing something marvelous for your skin. Lengthy downtime is not an option for most of our clients, which is why we offer Halo™ laser skin renewal.

Our newest and most advanced laser skin treatment, Halo is a powerful skin enhancer that provides dramatic improvements to the tone and texture of your skin with less downtime than comparable skin resurfacing treatments.

Here’s the science behind the Halo glow:

Hybrid technology
Hybrid means a combination of two things, and Halo’s claim to fame is that it’s the first hybrid laser, providing two types laser energy—ablative and non-ablative—to treat your skin at every level for dramatic results, including smoother skin texture, diminished lines and wrinkles, tighter pores, brighter and more even skin tone, and much more.

Fractionated energy
Halo is also a fractional laser, which means it treats a fraction of your skin rather than the entire surface, leaving a portion of your skin untouched. This “undamaged” portion of skin helps to speed the healing process without sacrificing the benefits of skin renewal.

Combined, hybrid and fractional laser energy result in amazing improvements to your skin with about a week or less of downtime. Older, less advanced laser skin resurfacing treatments require weeks of downtime for the same benefits. The other incredible thing about Halo is that it not only affords countless cosmetic improvements, but also reverses years of sun damage to leave your skin healthier in the process. What’s not to love about that?

To enhance your results, we recommend adding a BBL photofacial to your Halo treatment. A non-invasive light treatment, BBL (broadband light) is the gold standard for improving pigmentation irregularities such as freckles, rosacea, redness, age spots, sunspots, and more. Combined with Halo, your skin is stimulated from the inside out to renew itself and reveal a luminous, more evenly-toned complexion with no added downtime.

This spring is a perfect time to reinvigorate your skin! Are you ready for healthier, younger-looking skin? Learn more about Halo today by calling 703.870.3844 or completing our online consultation request form for a free consultation.

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